Super Polished Game-Ready 3D Content

Demonstrated at Siggraph, we created highly optimized yet extremely detailed and accurate 3D models that were used for real time demonstrations of character animation and multiplayer systems. We delivered complete game-ready assets including concept, 3D triangulated models, textures, materials, shaders and animation rigs. The project consisted of the robot model and several complete futuristic weapon models.

Our artists have tremendous experience creating environmental and character assets of all kinds including foliage, sky domes, buildings, terrain, special effects, vehicles of all kinds, animals and human or imaginary creatures.

In addition to the Digital Content Creation tools listed below, we engage in constant communication and iteration on the content until all project goals have been satisfied. Our experience in this area allows us to accurately plan and deliver on complex projects like this one.

Tools Used: Photoshop, Maya, Stingray Engine