Efficient and elegant creations. Ardent Blue's world-class team of Software Engineers and Technical Artists are the solution.

What We Do: AAA single player and multiplayer gaming, 2D & 3D graphics, virtual reality, mobile apps, standalone PC tools, client/server, database, high performance applications.


Product Development

Decades of experience creating high performance, high fidelity 3D worlds, tools, large scale client/server applications, business products and prototypes.


Team Augmentation

We provide top caliber developers to companies so they may effectively add capacity to their existing teams.


Software Engineering

The shortcut to a successful technical implementation is through top caliber, experienced programming.


Art direction

We have every situation covered – from hyper-realistic 3D modeling and animation to 2D concept and graphic art.

Some of Our Clients


Client Testimonials

"I worked with Ardent Blue Technologies on the Hyperspace Madness Game which Autodesk did for their GDC 2012 centerpiece. They were responsible for the game development including all coding, gameplay and level creation.

Ardent Blue was great to work with. They were able to take creative input even while the project was moving very fast. They had a multi-person team to manage and a project with many moving parts. I could always count on them to know exactly what stage the project was at while keeping the team highly motivated to do great quality work. The project had a very short schedule, and this team really pulled off something great.

I really enjoyed working with Ardent Blue and would like to work with them again. I highly recommend them to anyone needing development work related to games."

Remi McGill
Creative Director, Autodesk



"Alex, partner at Ardent Blue Technologies, is a natural empathetic leader who gets things done. It was my sincere pleasure to work with him on "Future of Storytelling" efforts at Autodesk. He listens, thinks, bridges gaps by asking insightful questions and then executes with precision and grace. He
has my vote of confidence on anything he tackles."

Hilmar Koch
Director, R&D, The Future of Storytelling, Autodesk



"I’ve been working with Ardent Blue Technologies for many years now. They are very professional, thorough and incredible at building software. If you have a project that needs to be done right the first time you should look no more. I highly recommend this team"

Greg Howard
CEO, GameBlocks, LLC



"Ardent Blue is exactly who you want to guide your software development project. They create and deliver great product, are detail oriented, extremely professional, responsive, and add real value at every stage."

Trent Hill
COO, GameBlocks, LLC



"I had the pleasure of working with Ardent Blue Technologies during the development of the GameBlocks Middleware System. I found them to be excellent developers and project managers. They excel at writing efficient and well organized code. They put extra effort into testing with results that just work. They are efficient developers who gets more done than most in a fixed amount of time and are about as good as one gets at estimating development effort and timing. They effectively managed our small group of geographically dispersed developers and interfaced with the GameBlocks management team in a professional, highly productive, manner"

Ron Wood
Senior Engineer, GameBlocks, LLC



"Ardent Blue Technologies worked on a series of prototypes and demos for a line of mobile products our company was embarking on. They delivered high quality software in a very short time frame and all of our requirements were met. Ardent Blue iterated closely and effectively with my team to be certain they were delivering exactly what we wanted."

Jim Vesterman
CEO, Raptor Technologies



"We worked with Ardent Blue Technologies to help develop our iOS app and lead the redesign of our website. They were great to work with – professional, thorough, and extremely diligent. We would strongly recommend them, and look forward to working with them again."

Frank Ziemba
Co-Owner, Fantasy Postseason