Through the Looking Glass

Our agile team of over 10 experts has been creating real time digital experiences for two decades. Our main background is in the video game industry and we are exploring new experiences with the fascinating tools of today and tomorrow.

Alex Papasavas – Managing partner

Alex has 21 years of experience in the video game and game tools industries. He was the technical director and artificial Intelligence lead for multiple AAA titles which shipped on the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3, with each title selling over a million retail copies. He was the sole programmer and designer on Toy Physics, a casual iOS game released in 2010 which reached spot 101 on the top iOS games list. Alex is also the Technical Lead and Architect for GameBlocks, a popular and effective anti-cheat and game data mining system used by top multiplayer titles Battlefield 4, Titanfall, APB, BF4 Hardline and more. Alex has helped develop major game-related middleware and tool technologies for Google (web) and Autodesk (iOS, Android, all other platforms) Stingray and Shotgun products.


Edward Liveikis – Managing partner

Edward has 16 years of experience in the video game and game tools industries. He began as a Software Engineer working on nearly all aspects of AAA games including gameplay systems, networking, VOIP, particles, cameras, audio, CPU performance, memory optimization, video, streaming and more. He was the Development Manager for a team of 25 programmers and 10+ outsourced programmers on Homefront, a AAA title on the Xbox360, PC and PS3 which sold over a million units. Edward is the Client SDK and customer integration lead for GameBlocks anti-cheat, which analyzes thousands of player behavior statistics every moment. He has also developed major game-related middleware technologies for Google and Autodesk.



Product Development

Our Approach
In any discipline we always start with the Product Goal. We use product-driven development to form project requirements and determine when work is complete. We always ask if we are meeting the vision throughout development. We use agile-style iterative development with constant communication, planning and review to quickly deliver usable product.

We can work in one of two ways. When working with another company our aim is to fully integrate with other teams. Alternatively when completely owning products, we can handle the entire lifecycle of the project from concept, requirements and implementation through to testing, release and support.

How We Do It

  • Clear vision, clear goals

  • Product-driven development

  • Rigorous testing

  • Usable product iteration

  • Velocity-Based projection and milestone burndowns

  • Progress Visibility and Communication

Team Augmentation

Our Approach
You tell us your product needs or resource requirements and then we quickly provide experienced developers options along with hourly rates for your review. You then decide which developers you’re interested in, any meetings or interviews you’d like to conduct and finally contract the developers you’d like with a flexible engagement period.

How We Do It
We have worked with and built relationships with hundreds of developers over the past two decades. We have also built complex software from the ground up and worked in numerous client codebases. This broad understanding of technology along with our vast network of developers allows us to effectively identify excellent resource options to meet our clients’ goals.

Software Engineering

Our Approach
It's critical to take coding seriously. This means careful consideration and implementation of technical designs, testing, code reviews, mastery of languages and knowing how and when to use existing libraries or components.

How We Do It
Below is a sample of some of the technologies we use to solve problems and get the results you need.

  • Programming Languages: C++, C#, Go, Objective C, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lua, 3D Shader Languages

  • Platforms: Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, Xbox One, PS4

  • Engines: Unreal, Unity, Proprietary Engines

  • Domains: Graphics, Tools, Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Networking, Database, UI, Animation, High Performance Applications

Art Direction

Our Approach
We provide beautiful art that also performs and works with today's myriad forms of content consumption. Our artists can work with existing assets or create new content from the concept stage through to creation and optimization for the target platforms.

How We Do It
We bring decades of experience realizing artwork on challenging triple-A products. This allows us to expertly and efficiently bring stunning imagery to life.

Sample of digital Content Tools:

  • Digital Content Tools: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Substance Designer, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Muse, Google Web Designer, Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, Stingray Engine

  • Domains: Virtual Reality worlds and content, 2D Concept Art and Illustration, Storyboarding, Environmental Photography, Texture Creation, Material creation including complex shaders and graphs, High fidelity/high performance 3D modeling, Cinematic Animation, Motion Capture, Inverse Kinematics, Fluid and Particle Simulation