Core Engine Improvements

Ardent Blue worked together with Autodesk to add new features to Stingray, Autodesk's multi-platform interactive engine, now a part of a 3D Studio Max as the 3DS Max Interactive Engine. Originally a game engine, it has been refocused to support the broader market of new interactive experiences including Virtual Reality and Augmented reality across many industries.

The Stingray Engine is like a linux of game engines: very lightweight, highly decoupled and extensible. It was a pleasure to provide users with new ways to make content in this forward looking tool.

A sample of our contributions: Vehicle physics system – Wwise audio integration – Particle Editor – Terrain Editor – Cinematic Story tool – HTC Vive, Google Dream, Oculus game templates – Character and Vehicle templates – Oculus Rift VR integration – New visual scripting Flow Nodes.

Tools Used: Oculus Rift, Visual Studio 2012/2015, Maya, Photoshop, C++, C#, Lua, html5, css