Anti Cheat For Online Multiplayer

The GameBlocks team has a simple and powerful vision: minimize the blatant and game-breaking cheating that is prevalent in popular online multiplayer games. From the beginning, Ardent Blue worked with GameBlocks to develop FairFight - the first and foremost statistics and Artificial Intelligence-based anti cheat program.

In contrast to existing anti cheat programs that attempt to identify cheat programs on the cheater's computer, FairFight integrates into the Game Server host that all players connect to. By observing player behavior, FairFight's advanced rules and analysis engine detects anomalous behavior that is only possible by cheating. Ardent Blue developed the scalable core FairFight engine including client and server components. These are used by many top AAA multiplayer titles, serving hundreds of thousands of players every day with immediate detection.

We have identified tens of thousands of cheaters over the past 3 years, helping to level the playing field.